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Natural Family Planning

Important Note: For inquries regarding upcoming programs amid COVID-19, please contact us via

Finding a Natural Family Planning (NFP) Class


Currently, there are distance learning methods approved by the USCCB that can be found here: NFP Distance Learning


Please note, if you choose to use one of these methods, you would register and pay directly with the organization you choose.


Articles, Links, and Resources for NFP

Do you want to learn about Natural Family Planning? Are you currently practicing NFP and have questions or need information? There are more than 100 articles, links, and resources compiled under the headings below.

What is NFP? What are Men Saying
about NFP?
Relationships and NFP
NFP for Single Women
and Teens
Contraception Issues
and NFP
Postpartum & Breastfeeding with NFP
Perimenopause and NFP Infertility, IVF, NFP Unplanned Pregnancy
NFP Witness Efficacy and NFP
(Including Apps)
Humane Vitae
Struggles using NFP The Pill  


Curious about how couples are using NFP? Check out these helpful videos!

Why We Love NFP

Why we don't use contraception in our marriage

Why you should get off the pill

Desiring to grow in holiness


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